03 March 2011

You have your whole lives ahead of you.

Everyone knows I'm excited for the new Strokes album. It's been almost ten years since the first one and I feel like I'm 21 again --- Getting ready to graduate college, driving around with Crowie (before she totaled her car) listening to Is This It on repeat, skipping class, getting extensions on final papers, falling asleep behind the wheel on the NJ Turnpike, backin' up through a toll, even trying to pay for a toll with a check. Asbury park, the Golddigger, George Harrison died, Sam De la Rosa (skeleton), Meet me in the Bathroom and THE WhizKid telling us that we have our whole lives ahead of us.

09 November 2010

i don't wanna kiss your face

mix for tuesday afternoon

how could you not love a band described this way?

"A zero-gravity dance party in designer flannel."
(lifted from Free Indie)

Check out Million Young's - Hammocks.
perfect to listen to in your cubicle.

05 November 2010

i might just float away

this was an enjoyable sunday mix i made a month ago.
it's also fitting for a friday afternoon.

04 November 2010

this video might make you dizzy, this song might make you dizzy.
a good reason to be dizzy.

tame impala is playing at the black cat on november 16.
not to be missed.

Making of the Video:

if you are wondering why all the love that you long for eludes you